Our Objective:

To provide an alternative to the ordinary fast food choices.  We believe that fast food can be healthy and tasty, while still being affordable.  We use only the freshest, natural ingredients and we blend spices that date back to biblical times and places.  We prepare our food daily and all baking is done on the premises.  We do not have or use a microwave for preparation of any of our dishes.  We believe in giving you your money’s worth. We offer large portions, and since everything is super-fresh, you can take home your leftovers and they'll keep in the refrigerator.
About Us:
Our restaurant is the first Kosher establishment in Hudson in over 70 years.  The kosher values involved in Park Falafel & Pizza are dictated by the laws of Kashrut (Kosher laws). This guide of laws, supervised by Rabbi Daniel Fried of Congregation Anshe Emeth, ensures that the facilities and all food preparations are conducted in the cleanliest methods.  Along with being Kosher, all foods at Park Falafel & Pizza follow Halal standards, the Muslim dietary code.
The location of 11 N 7th street was chosen to offer a presence in the business center of Hudson, that being in close proximity of the park, would offer a relaxing environment for our customers to enjoy their lunch and dinner.
We are deeply concerned about your dining experience with us, and welcome suggestions, constructive criticism, and of course compliments.  We appreciate your suggestions since we consider our restaurant a constant work in progress, we are always trying to improve our offerings.  We are here for you - without you, we cannot exist.

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You can also email us at parkfalafelandpizza@hotmail.com

Call for Pick-up or Delivery ~ (518) 828-5500
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